Zikhona Sodlaka Information Stars’ Battles: There’s No Law to Assist

Practically 3 years since the axing of the Generations 16, over wage disagreements, starlet Zikhona Sodlaka has exposed that they are still on a mission to obtain what is “rightfully theirs” from the manufacturers of Generations.

Speaking with TshisaLIVE at her coworker and starlet, Vatiswa Ndara’s book launch, the Zikhona discussed that the battles to be relatively rewarded for their work continued because stars had no legal leg to base on.

” So, we are handling a business where we should work ethically. The manufacturer has an ethical commitment to be transparent (about the cash) but no legal commitment to do so. Up until there’s a brand attorney and it is enacted laws, it’s challenging to take the ‘unjust’ manufacturer to a court of law. That is why you cannot pay a housemaid or a teller R1000, but you can do that to a star. That is why our battle as Generation 16 is still continuous.”.

In October 2013, 16 stars of the show, consisting of Zikhona, Anga Makubalo, Patrick Shai to name a few, revealed their complaints concerning their agreements openly for the very first time since the start of Generations.

In August 2014, the popular Generations 16 were fired after stopping working to show up to work as their complaints were still not dealt with.

Quick forward to 2017, Zikhona stated their case was still dragging out because they were combating “ethical responsibilities,” and lawfully had no law that supports them as workers.

” Actors are the items that make the cash, when specific stars remain in the show, marketers invested a great deal of money to purchase slots because they know people will watch. That big quantity of money never ever makes it to the star because it is not their deal. The deal is in between the manufacturer, the channel and the marketer and primarily the manufacturer is not transparent enough to inform the star this is how much you’re making.”.

The Generations 16 stars have primarily carried on and included in different productions since Generations, nevertheless, Zikhona made it clear that their battle is not over.